Prevent and remove matting in the cat fur

Matted cat fur mainly occurs in long-haired cats. The best recipe, of course, is prevention - but we have also summarized what you can do against knotted or matted areas of fur below. A lot of care with the brush prevents matting in the cat fur - Image: Shutterstock / Okssi

In order for your cat's fur to remain smooth, shiny and healthy, it needs to be brushed regularly. Breeds that are particularly susceptible to burdock - for example, Persian cats - are best brushed for up to 15 minutes every day and don't spare a lot. You have to be careful with species with a long tail or leg curtain, for example the Siberian cat or the Maine Coon. This is not brushed, but only untangled with your fingers.

Also important for the health of the coat: Check your house tiger regularly for parasites and other abnormalities in the coat. If you discover excessive hair loss, oily fur, or dandruff, you should see your cat at the vet. If, despite everything, you find matting in the fur, it is best to act quickly.

Removing knots in the fur: tips

Matting or knots should always be removed from the cat fur immediately. Otherwise, a small fur knot quickly became a large matted section. This is not only unattractive to look at, but also a health risk for the cat, since it increases the risk of parasites, cat fungus and other skin diseases.

Be very careful when removing: Under no circumstances should you tear the burrs. First, try to carefully unravel the matted area with your fingers. Then grab a comb with coarse prongs or a special detangling comb to make the fur smooth and supple again. If these measures don't help, only water or scissors will help.

This is how you can remove stubborn burdock

If your cat's fur is sticky or dirty, you can carefully try cleaning it with a damp cloth. You should really only bathe your water-shy house tiger in the greatest emergency - try a special dry shampoo for cats, which is available in pet shops.

If the fur is too matted, nothing helps, unfortunately: you have to carefully cut out the burdock. If your pet does not keep still, it is best to have it done by a veterinarian or in the cat salon.

Grooming long-haired cats: 5 tips against knots in the fur

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