Can a cat get pregnant while nursing

Can a cat get pregnant while nursing? Can dogs get pregnant while they are pregnant? What's the difference between a "breed" and a "purebred"?

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Nurse cats can get pregnant while they are nursing. There is no medical reason why a cat should not nurse at this time. Nursing females generally come into heat 3-4 weeks after the baby. At that time, if the female cat is pregnant, she will produce milk to feed the baby. This is usually the time the female will stop nursing the kitten. The baby will suckle on her nipples for the milk.

It’s important that the cat be at least 3 weeks past her due date to give birth to the kittens and have the nursing continue. If the cat was still in the mother’s heat, the kittens will also be born at this time.

Yes, the baby can get pregnant and continue to nurse. As long as she is healthy and in top shape, and if the kitten is in the correct position, she should be able to give birth at this time.

For the same reasons, no, a dog cannot get pregnant while she is pregnant.

It is possible that the kitten gets milk from the mother after she has had the baby. The baby will start feeding on the nipples and suckle the mother for milk. This is usually the way that kittens nurse.

A good way to tell whether or not a female cat is pregnant at any particular time is to find the placenta. This should be located somewhere near the vagina of the mother. It can be found inside the female cat for several days after giving birth. If she is in heat, you can tell that she is probably pregnant.

The placenta is actually attached to the kitten. The cat should have a large, orange, saclike structure attached to her. It is sometimes difficult to see the placenta, however.

There is no medical reason why a cat cannot have kittens before she is first spayed, except in some cases the vet may recommend it. For some cats, once they are spayed they will have a much harder time getting pregnant agn.

If you choose to spay a female cat, you will most likely need to wt to get her pregnant. You can keep her on birth control for several weeks, or you can simply get her spayed when you feel she is ready to become pregnant. In either case, you will want to get her pregnant in a few weeks, after she has had a chance to be spayed.

In the past, female cats could get pregnant and have kittens right after they are spayed.

This is not true anymore. Once you spay her, she will need to be kept on birth control pills for several weeks, or she may not be able to have another litter after that. This should not be taken lightly, because once she stops giving birth, you may not be able to get her pregnant agn for some time.

## Can a Feline Be Tested for Cancer?

The answer is no.

## Can Cats Drink Water?

The answer is no.

## Can a Feline Get a Cold?

The answer is yes.

In our experience, feline colds are often similar to the sort of colds we get ourselves. But a feline cold is not a bacterial infection. As opposed to a cold, feline colds tend to run their course in only a couple of days.

A feline cold often comes with fever, which is a telltale sign that the animal has the flu. The common colds that a cat can get also tend to result in fever. Feline colds tend to result in a runny nose, sneezing, coughing, and loss of appetite.

# Chapter 18

# How to Feed the Healthy Adult Cat

When it comes to eating, a feline may very well be the laziest eater on the planet. This may surprise you, but it should not. After all, we all know that humans are some of the laziest eaters on the planet. The difference between a healthy adult cat and a healthy human is that an adult feline needs little more than a bowl of food to get from morning to night.

## Food and Nutrition

Like everything else, healthy adult cats need to eat as they need to. Healthy adult cats need to eat because they are hungry. Healthy adult cats do not overeat. Rather, they may not eat enough at times and they might be on a restricted diet (see _Restricted Eating for Cats_ ) as a means to help reduce their weight.

**Food for Healthy Adult Cats**

**1.** A very wide variety of cat foods is avlable. Many of these have a very long list of ingredients, some of which may be harmful to your cat. Other cat foods contn ingredients that may be unhealthy for your cat to eat. A balanced food that a healthy adult cat needs contns a relatively narrow range of ingredients, as follows:

* **A high-quality protein:** This should be a mix of animal (mnly chicken) or fish meat. Most cat foods contn poultry or fish, but cats may be allergic to fish or shrimp.

* **High-quality vitamins and minerals:** There are several types of vitamins and minerals that are used in cat foods, but they all add to the nutritional value of the food.

* **Low-fat:** Cat foods should contn only small amounts of fat.

* **Unrefined grns:** Most cats do not like the high-fiber grns used in some cat foods. These should be limited or removed from a healthy diet.

* **Other:** There are many other elements that make a cat food a healthy food. These may include a variety of antioxidants, herbs, and other natural ingredients that benefit your cat.

**2.** Many commercial cat foods are extremely expensive. Some are expensive because of the cost of the food, but most are overpriced because of a variety of marketing gimmicks that charge extra for the cat food. A healthy diet is easy to prepare and inexpensive.

# **Diet Advice for Senior Pets**

Eating a good diet is important for your senior cat. Your pet can get ill if it does not have a well-balanced diet, and it is even more important for a senior cat. Older cats need to be particularly careful because they tend to be more vulnerable to a diet low in fat or high in salt, as these can cause serious health problems in pets.

**The High-Calorie Diet: When Not to Feed a Senior Cat**

It is very important to mntn a healthy diet for your cat, especially a senior one. Your pet's diet should

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