Do dogs shed whiskers

Do dogs shed whiskers?

My mom got a puppy the other day and she took it to this person who clipped all of her dog's fur off except for his muzzle. Is this normal?


Yes, in fact shedding is a common phenomenon for dogs.

In general it is best to make sure that dog is bathed regularly (weekly minimum), trimmed and given flea and tick preventative medication.

The first shedding in a new litter is particularly hard.

What should I do if my dog has fleas?

If your pet has fleas, here's what you need to do:

Get rid of your pet's fleas. If you can't catch and get rid of the

fleas yourself, call your veterinarian. You'll need to use a flea

control product with a proven record of not harming your pet.

Make sure your pet stays cool and protected from the elements. You

should use an insect repellent like the one recommended by your

veterinarian or pet groomer, but also make sure your dog has a

suitable shelter in which to sleep.

Make sure your pet is healthy. If your dog is sick or injured, call

your veterinarian or the nearest emergency clinic right away.

Give your dog plenty of clean, fresh water, but don't give it any


Wash your dog's bedding frequently to remove fleas and eggs. Also,

wash your hands before and after handling your dog.


My mom got a puppy the other day, and the first thing she did was make sure she had plenty of water and treats. That was a good start. Next, I had her go to the vet to get a fecal exam. If you're unsure whether you have an intestinal blockage or not, the vet should take some stool to help determine that.


We've had this happen before. I remember getting my puppy's first round of vaccinations, and then finding a dead lizard in the corner of the room. It had obviously been dead for a while, but you could still see it clearly, and there was not a lot of blood. I figured it had somehow gotten in there somehow, and was just lying in that corner.

Then, we tried to have kids. My husband got this funny look on his face and just sd "we'll try to avoid that." We didn't do it, but a year later we got him neutered and his aggression stopped.

The moral of the story is, check your water supply. Make sure that if you have young kids in the house, they're supervised, or you don't want to risk that being the source of this problem.


The problem turned out to be a dead cockroach in the water bowl of our dog. After I got over the shock, I couldn't believe how simple it was to discover the problem.

Clean the bowl

Turn on water to cover cockroach, if it is an old fashioned toilet.

If you see a dead cockroach on the side of the bowl or floor, that is the problem!

I put some salt on the bowl after cleaning it.


It's probably tap water. You should see that it's getting a little cloudy as a result of it being mixed with other stuff (in case the city water quality is good). Check the water for signs of mould, and if you find any, take a sample to your local water testing lab and make sure you get your full bill pd to avoid any issues down the road. If there's no mould, then you should still check for any other contaminants.

"Mouldy water" is one of the things that was one of the first problems I fixed when I moved to NYC from CA.

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