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Will It Be Necessary To Have The Cytopoint Implanted For My Dog? Cytopoint

We have had our pets for a very long time, they have been with us through many different seasons, different children and different situations. Our pets have been through a lot of changes, we have seen the good and bad times as well, and we have come to understand that we have to be very protective of them as we would expect them to be with us. This means that they are not around children. This means that they are not a dog that can be left with the neighbour’s children, or even a teenager playing video games.

Cytopoint review: The cytopoint is a long and cylindrical device that is inserted into the animals body, where it remains for weeks or months. In some animals, this is extended as long as a year or so. The idea is that this stimulates the pituitary gland in the animal’s brain, it can stimulate it to produce growth hormone and if placed correctly, the implant will stay inside the animals body for some time, it will not have any side effects.

Before I begin, I want to say that this implant is for adult animals. These animals are not puppies, not kittens. Puppies and kittens have not been around for as long as dogs and cats, so they will not have grown up with as much human interaction, as our dogs and cats have. I am very, very familiar with the human world and human interaction, and if it is not safe for your dog, your cat or your puppy, then the cytopoint implant is not a good idea.

As I said earlier, I have had dogs for many years, I have had cats, I have worked with horses, I have worked with people and I have worked with children and with teenagers. I understand that these animals are very different from the animals I have worked with, but I have worked with so many animals for so long, that I can tell the difference. And the difference is obvious. If you are not convinced, I have read many reviews and testimonials. You can watch the video review, that the company have posted.

There are several benefits that this cytopoint implant can offer your animal. The reason I did this implant was because I have several animals that have been ill for some time. We had a cat that was very ill, he had been diagnosed with liver cancer and was given 6 months to live. We did all the traditional treatment and he survived but still had to be put down a few months later.

We went back and forth, looking at different treatment options. One option was a cytopoint implant, the reason why I opted for this implant is because the implant cost a fraction of the other options, the reason being, the implant can only cost $1500.00 compared to the other options which will cost more than $30,000.00. We have had a lot of things happen to our animals over the last 6 months and the cytopoint implant is the best option for us.

We have had some of the symptoms of this illness, some of the symptoms that I have never seen before, the symptoms that I have seen were the symptoms that other animals with liver cancer have been shown to have, we have seen the “pops in their backside”, which are the white spots that develop in the liver. We have seen the weight loss and the list of other symptoms that this disease brings to the animals. The treatment is similar to that used in other cancers, it is quite aggressive in many cases and the animals do need to be monitored carefully.

As you can see, this can be a very dangerous disease. We want to help bring awareness of this disease so that we can stop more cases and help prevent others. We will post as often as we can to keep you informed.

We will post the pictures from various treatment sessions for all the animals, just leave us a comment if you think of any requests.

Our Animals….

The two horses are currently with their care takers, as our home is still in mourning, but we are planning to come home shortly.

Tiny has gone to live with a friend.

Vic and his friends are being fostered out as we have a larger home to move into.

We have the first two cases of Canine Biscuit Liver Cancer. (Picture is of Vic)

We had a number of cases that were discovered over the last 6 months and unfortunately one animal was euthanized after the treatment which had not gone as expected.

Two of the animals have had their treatments as of yesterday, the surgery was successful in treating the tumor and all the tumors are small enough for the Cytopoint implant to be a better option.

The procedure is quite similar to a cat, they will have a general anaesthetic and the implant will be inserted in to the tumor(s) in the liver, through the skin. The animals will also be monitored with heart and temperature monitoring over a period of a week to 2 weeks.

The animals will be monitored for an another 10 weeks.

We will update you as more information comes to hand.

If you have any questions at all about it, feel free to leave a comment.

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