This cat survived the Grenfell Tower fire

The fire of the Grenfell Tower skyscraper in west London affected not only people but also their animals.

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A white and gray cat named Pancho lived with their caretakers in the unfortunate building. He was incredibly lucky - he managed to survive the fire that claimed many lives. Inhabitants fled in panic, the animals were ablaze ...

The cat was very lucky ...

Pancho is currently housed at St Clement's Church with loving care from volunteers, according to The Telegraph. He's still scared. People do what they can to find his guardians and give him a temporary respite and chase away bad memories.

An appeal with Pancho's photo appeared on the Internet very quickly. Volunteers believe that its owners also managed to escape the fire. Meanwhile, there have already been several offers to take care of the cat until its owners find each other.

Pancho and other animals affected by the Grenfell Tower fire are cared for by the local animal community, Battersea Dogs Home. Unfortunately, few pets were as lucky as Pancho.

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