Dog is completely confused: "Whoops? Where's the glass?"

The people of the dog in the video are pranking their four-legged friend. There is usually a glass pane in the front door, but it is currently missing. The dog's owner walks through the door frame and calls her well-behaved fur nose. But the dog does not dare to go through the door frame because there is usually a pane in it.

The poor guy stops in front of the door frame and is amazed. "Something is different here than usual ... if I only knew what it was?" Ponders the dog, while his owner and his master laugh laughingly behind the camera. Then he lifts his paw and carefully feels it through the door frame.

He seems to notice that the disk is missing, but his upbringing apparently forbids him to walk through the door without the owner or master pushing the handle down for him. And so the loyal dog gets into a conflict of conscience and no longer knows what to think. Fortunately, his mistress frees him from his anguish after a few seconds and opens the door frame for him. Zack! The dog already runs out and is happy again.

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