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Pet Shop 24 hours is the solution for those who have pets at home and a life full of tasks. Part of the routine of those who have a pet at home, the purchase of products and the search for specific services for animals is a constant, and the possibility of having a “supermarket for pets” that works at alternative times is an immense help. .

With a mix of products that includes everything from accessories, toys and special feeds to medicines for animals, the 24 hour pet shop it becomes an establishment increasingly easy to be found in the largest cities in the country, making the lives of pet owners much simpler, since the health and safety of pets is more guaranteed with this type of convenience.

Bathing, grooming and even lodging services can be found in most of the big cities 24-hour pet shops. In many cases, such establishments are housed within veterinary clinics or hospitals, bringing together even more services so that your pet's well-being is guaranteed.

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With an approximate growth of 23% per year (according to data released by the Anfal Pet - National Association of Pet Product Manufacturers), the Brazilian pet market moved around R $ 16 billion in 2012 alone.

With more than 40,000 pet shops spread across all of its regions, Brazil now has about 32 million dogs and 16 million cats across the country - which helps to begin to justify the appearance of more and more businesses aimed at animals, whether in the health, food or even luxury segment.

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