Remove tick head: first aid for the cat

If you remove a tick from your cat, it can happen - despite all caution - that the tick's head gets stuck in the skin. Don't worry: if you take a few things into account, it is usually only half as bad as it looks. Try to carefully remove the stuck tick head - Image: Shutterstock / Seeme

If a tick's head gets stuck in an untreated wound, the risk of inflammation is high - so you should try to remove it in the first step. If this does not work, disinfect the wound well and observe whether the foreign body falls off on its own. If neither of these measures works, only the veterinarian can help.

Remove the tick head: it's worth a try

If you are lucky, you can remove the stuck tick head from your cat: Have a chip card, for example an old insurance card, ready and push your cat's fur apart at the bite site.

If the tick's head is clearly visible, you can very carefully slide the card against the unwanted parasite and thus remove it from the cat's skin. If you do not succeed, you have to wait until the tick head falls out of its own accord - so that the spot does not catch fire, you should clean and disinfect it very well.

Keep your cat's bite clean

The foreign body is usually rejected by itself after a short time and falls out. Before doing so, however, it increases the risk of inflammation - a regularly applied skin disinfectant for animals prevents this risk. If you want to apply the product available from a veterinarian or pharmacy with a cloth, make sure that it is lint-free so that no more foreign objects get into the wound.

With these agents you can remove ticks from cats

Anyone who has a walker at home should check him regularly for ticks and as good as ...

Watch your animal closely and keep an eye on the wound - if the tick's head does not fall off by itself, you should have it removed by a veterinarian. You should always see a veterinarian if you observe changes in your animal, for example it looks tired and flabby, or gets a fever. If the area where you removed the tick is red, swollen, or hot, you should also ask the veterinarian for advice.

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