When the cat is no longer house-trained after moving

Moving is so stressful for cats that some of them are suddenly no longer house-trained. But what can you do about it? Too much stress: After moving, many cats are suddenly no longer house-trained - Image: Shutterstock / Fabio Alcini

Regardless of whether you are moving to a completely new home or with the whole family: For our sensitive velvet paws this means pure stress. They are creatures of habit and take a lot of time to come to terms with new situations. A small mishap can happen to even the most balanced tiger.

Why is the cat suddenly no longer house trained?

Cats are very emotional animals. If you are unhappy or unsettled, there are a number of ways you can show this: some animals are suddenly more affectionate than others, some eat less. If your cat is suddenly no longer house-trained, it shows most clearly that something is wrong. The new environment unsettles her and the enormous hustle and bustle during the move made her very stressed. She now needs her help, even if it may seem different and she withdraws.

After moving: How to help your stressed cat

You are now calm and relaxed and try to give your cat the familiarity it needs. If you want, you can also work with Bach flower remedies for cats, which you can best give them a few days before moving. Try to make the move yourself as stress-free as possible and leave the cat with all of her familiar things. Now is not the time for a new cat bed, litter box or litter - take everything with you and try to arrange it in a similar way to your old home.

Bach flowers for cats: application and dosage

Bach flowers for cats can be used in different situations. According to Dr. Edward ...

You might want to add one more litter box for the beginning - if the cat is crawling away in the first few days, one should be within reach. Praise your cat if you use the litter box properly and give it a few days: Under no circumstances should you scold your unsettled room tiger if he doesn't dare to go to the litter box in the new apartment. If he also loses trust in you, it will be very difficult to get the problem under control again - you can do much more with patience, calmness and empathy.

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