Cats should match dogs in preference of Brazilians

Nowadays, Brazil is the fourth country with the largest number of homes with pets, totaling more than 106 million pets in the national territory. As it could not be otherwise, the vast majority of animals chosen as pets by Brazilians are dogs and cats - which already register about 37 million and 21 million copies, respectively.

With the growth of homes that adopt a new pet at 5% per year, the number of animals should not stop growing so early. However, a trend has been showing itself more and more powerful in this scenario and, contrary to what has been seen until today, cats have gained many points of preference in relation to dogs and, in some time, the number of species must equal in the country.

According to Abinpet - Brazilian Association of the Pet Products Industry, the latest study on the topic indicates that, although the number of pets continues to grow in the country, the number of new owners who choose cats advances especially and; according to the association's forecasts, Brazil should have the same number of pet cats and dogs in about eight years.

Still according to the study, the motivation for this sudden feline worship comes from a number of factors, such as those described below:

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  • Families with fewer children (the biggest dog worshipers)
  • Professionals with little time to dedicate to pets
  • Increase in the elderly population, which sees more practicality in dealing with felines
  • Single men and women with little time and residents of small apartments

Although this series of changes in society may not seem to have much to do with dogs and cats, it is precisely this mutation in the scenario that increases the popularity of cats - known as independent animals and clean by nature; unlike dogs, which require more attention (both in terms of affection and in terms of hygiene and health).

While, currently, the number of dogs in Brazil is still much smaller compared to cats, there are already many places where felines have been the majority for some time - as shown in the ranking below, with the three countries where pussies are the most loved of pets:

  • Germany 59% more cats than dogs
  • France 48% more cats than dogs
  • U.S 20% more felines than dogs

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