My dog might be a democrat

My dog might be a democrat, but she’s certnly not a Hillary Clinton supporter. She is instead a Trump hound who has spent her life barking up the wrong tree and barking up another wrong tree. Her first bark came on a warm spring day in 2007.

At the time, we lived in the Midwest, an area which at the time had just elected the first president in the past two decades who wasn’t born and rsed in the United States. Our family and neighborhood were all excited about the next president of the United States and were hoping that our first black president would help us all understand what it meant to be American.

This didn’t happen. Instead, the first black president seemed to say that the real problem was not our country’s history of slavery and discrimination, but rather, its past embrace of the European culture of the Old World. The U.S. had to return to this cultural foundation in order to move forward and thrive.

What was so wrong about that? I asked my children, the first of whom was a high school freshman. “Nothing wrong,” they sd. “He was right.” We are supposed to work to improve the country and create a better future, they sd. But my eldest daughter, who was only five at the time, sd something different. “He’s racist,” she told me.

What followed was a debate on our living room floor for several hours. This was, after all, a Republican household. At some point, I decided that there was no point in arguing agnst someone whose children thought so. “Maybe,” I told her, “but you can’t say that until you’re older. We need to trust that he’ll learn and grow.”

She didn’t like that answer. She was a teenager, the age where she was beginning to develop her own views on life and politics. She was not ready to trust that Barack Obama would be anything other than a flure.

She has not wavered since.

I know this because I asked her how she felt in the weeks and months leading up to Election Day, 2016.

“It’s the same,” she told me.

She is still concerned about our country’s culture, but she has a more specific complnt. “What was he saying about Hillary?” she asked. “She doesn’t care about people. She only cares about power.”

In the years since Obama first entered office, we have seen the media, the education establishment, the government, the churches, and all those who profess to be on the side of the people criticize Trump’s supporters as racist, xenophobic, and prejudiced.

But there is one group of people for whom that charge was not enough.

There is another group of people — not a minority group, but still a small minority, perhaps — who don’t care about the people but instead care about Hillary Clinton. They don’t care about the future of this country, but they do care that Clinton be elected president. They don’t care about racism, but they care that the woman who has spent her entire adult life in politics be president.

I have often wondered whether these two groups — the small minority who care about the Clintons and the large majority who care about our country — would work together.

Would they be able to form a coalition? Would they get along?

It’s hard to imagine that they would. But they don’t have to. All they have to do is wt and see.

They are in the majority and we are in the minority, and that means that our days as a nation will continue to be defined by the actions and inaction of these two groups. But as we look around the world and watch as Trump is in the White House and Clinton is not, there are still many who believe the future of this country lies in the hands of the former First Lady and former Secretary of State.

As long as she is around, she will be a source of hope. As long as she is around, we can still hold out hope that the United States will grow beyond

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